SunChips Bag

SunChips : Your Change

Flight: April to June, 2010

Objective: We wanted consumers to know SunChips was aligned to sustainable initiatives, beginning with a compostable bag trial launched on Earth Day.

Description: A display/banner campaign consisting of 40k, expandable rich media and Facebook ads that invited consumers to tell us and each other what change they would make for a brighter tomorrow. Messages were entered directly into the ad unit, filtered and then immediately displayed to other consumers in standard and rich media banners across the web

Results: 50,000+ messages submitted, ad units had 300% interaction rate of benchmark campaigns, mentions on Twitter + blogs. Traffic from ad units to brand's Facebook page helped make SunChips the fastest growing brand Facebook page in the world in H1 of 2010.

Elements (real-time message submission will no longer be active):

  1. YouTube Masthead
  2. 40k Expandable Big Box
  3. 40k Leaderboard
  4. 40k Big Box
  5. JPG of Facebook Ad (In-Tab)